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Global Missions Immersion Program .

At GCK Global Missions Immersion Program, our mission is clear: to inspire, educate, and equip the next generation of evangelists through immersive mission experiences. We believe in learning by doing. Our program is designed to empower individuals to launch out into the deep through a 1-2 week intensive and immersive international mission trip to Africa. It provides participants with hands-on experiences beyond tourism, allowing them to connect with local communities and cultures deeply.

What sets our program apart is its holistic approach to evangelism training. Beyond traditional missionary work, we offer specialized instruction in personal outreach, leadership development, cross-cultural communication, and organizing large gospel crusades. Our immersive approach enables participants to gain firsthand experience, explore their spiritual gifts, and refine their skills in real-world settings, preparing them for diverse evangelistic opportunities.

Central to the Global Missions Immersion Program is a commitment to upholding the integrity of the gospel message while meeting the spiritual needs of diverse communities. We emphasize the importance of genuine relationships, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication in sharing the message of Christ. Our training incorporates biblical principles, practical techniques, and hands-on experience to empower participants to confidently and compassionately proclaim the gospel.

Participants will receive mentorship from Dr. Kumuyi and his team of experienced evangelists, pastors, and mission leaders. Drawing from Dr. Kumuyi’s decades of experience in evangelistic ministry, participants will gain insight into the strategies and challenges of evangelism and be ignited with a burning passion for souls. We are committed to providing personalized guidance and support to each participant as they embark on their journey of evangelism.

We invite aspiring evangelists, seasoned ministers seeking to expand their impact, church groups aiming to enhance their outreach efforts, and individuals feeling called to share the gospel to join us in the Global Missions Immersion Program.