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About GCK

Brand Slogan

…The gospel to every creature

The Global Crusade was birthed out of the need to further share the good news of Christ. Christ saves from sin, delivers from destruction, heals regardless of the disease, and provides His children with an eternal home. 

Mission Statement

While Jesus was here on earth, He was continually doing good, turning sorrow to laughter, poverty to wealth, and unsaved to saved. The global crusade’s mission is to lead its participants to Christ so they can get solutions to whatever need they have. 

Brand Purpose

Changing Lives through Christ


Now that you’ve decided to connect with Christ, we want to help you grow and remain with Christ. Share your details with us.


The GCK Daily is a short 15 minutes series of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi. It tells a compelling Power of Jesus such that it invokes a feeling of Faith, Hope, Healing, Salvation & Excitement.


You can now access the evening crusades, Minsters’ Conference, and IMPACT for youth. Complete this short registration and get information on upcoming events.


A weekly 30-minute program on US, Canadian, and other global TV channels. It gives millions of viewers the hope, love, salvation, and healing Jesus Christ offers all believers.


The Messages from the Global Crusade with Kiumuyi are filled with Life, Hope, Salvation, and the Healing power of God. You can now explore these messages by the Convener, Pastor Dr. W.F. Kumuyi to strengthen your relationship with God and enjoy the fulness of Christ’s healing power!


All-round Emancipation through the Look of Faith

July 28, 2022 | Day 1


Discovering Dynamic Men for a Nation’s Darkest Hour

July 29, 2022 | Day 2


Assured Emancipation by Christ’s Prevailing Authority

Jun 25, 2022 | Day 3

Supernatural Deliverance

Amen, Now, Henceforth and Forever

Jun 26, 2022 | Day 4

Supernatural Deliverance

The Wonders of Godswill and Goodness

Jun 27, 2022 | Day 5


Healed of a Sharp Pain

On the 1st of April, she experienced a sharp pain after trying to put a baby down. She got home and felt the pain again. Someone researched online and told her that this kind of pain is associated with kidney disease. She ignored it and believed in God for her healing. During the Easter Retreat, after the message on Jesus, Our Passover, The man of God prayed specifically for people experiencing internal problems. She received her healing and was made whole. The pain has not returned since then. Praise the Lord!

Adedigba Omolaso
Difficulty in Urination disappeared

For 28 years now, she has been feeling having a sensation of a crawling object in her body. She has also been experiencing difficulty in urination. She believed in God and kept telling him that she doesn’t pay for urine and He should heal her. She refused to use any medication but kept trusting God. God visited her in this programme and that ailment disappeared. Praise the Lord!

Felicia Williams
Glaucoma Gone
About 5 years ago, Bro Mike had a stroke that affected many parts of his body, especially his eyes, and this prevented him from seeing properly. He was advised to go get an eyeglass, without which he could not see. Yesterday night, after the prayers of the man of God he got his healing and can now see clearly unaided. Praise God
Mike Ukporo
Urinary Tract Infection Gone

Five months ago, Stella got infected with Urinary Tract Infection which resulted into frequent body itches. After the prayers on the man of God, she got healed

Adedigba Omolaso
Swollen Stomach Healed

Her daughter had a baby and after the second week, she noticed that the child’s stomach was abnormally swollen.  On visiting the hospital, he was diagnosed with a disease that required operation. During the Miracle Explosion Crusade, Sis Mercy prayed and the baby was healed of the disease. 

Praise the Lord

Mercy Benson

Stroke Healed

She woke up on the 11th of January, 2022, and noticed that the left side of her body had gone numb. She went to the hospital and she was diagnosed with partial stroke. She was advised to refrain from worrying. During the last global crusade, she received healing on her hands and legs but her face was still stiff. She kept praying for total healing and after the prayer of the man of God, she felt that her face was no longer stiff. Praise God!

Marvelous Sunday